About RSCN

Civil Society Regional Network Conception (R-CSN)

What is R-CSN?


R-CSN is an informal union of civil organizations and active citizens from all over Georgia.


Who are R-CSN members?


The network unites civil society organizations and active citizens from all over Georgia, who expressed free will to become a part of R-CSN and shared the key principles and approaches established in the conception.


What are R-CSN serves for?


R-CSN will support to deepen the partnership between civil society organizations, active citizens, local and central government representatives, political parties, donors, experts and media representatives. All these serve the network to work successfully and to fulfill its mission.


Can I get updates about R-CSN activities on a daily bases?


R-CSN activities updates can be received on a daily bases via website – www.cso.ge .


“Newsletter” function, on a top right side of the website gives opportunity to everyone just to subscribe the newsletter, select the field he/she is interested in, write down the e-mail address and the updated info will be sent to the indicated address as soon as it is updated.




  • To increase the role of civil society as a mediator for advocating the locals key needs;
  • To create working environment for the civil society actors;
  • To develop the civil society actors network by strengthening modern information technologies.


What will be the network members’ outcome?


By sharing cooperation and resources the network members’ will receive following outcome: 


  • Increasing the network members’ influence
  • Establishing new contacts
  • Developing the members professional skills and sharing a successful practice
  • Improving the results via joint activities
  • Increasing resources (including financial) and opportunities
  • Ability to mobilize additional financial resources for inner coalition’s creation and individual activities
  • Delivering professional assistance for network members’ project writing, financial management and public relations.


Planned activities:


Key Activities:


  • Working out 7 point plan oriented on solving society problems;
  • Ongoing regional events monitoring (including searching and spreading information about infrastructure, local government activities, various state and international projects etc);
  • Creation of map depicting ongoing and finished international/state projects that will serve to make clear connection between resources and problems.


Other activities


  • Evaluating the network capacity. Adjusting and promoting the network existing resources; 
  • Promoting network. (Meetings with various donors, government, political, international and civil sector representatives) Permanent communication with the inhabitants;
  • Consulting and supporting the network members;
  • E-network www.cso.ge update and management.

About this Website

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